" कर्म कि शिक्षा "               

Learn -  

Computer Courses

1. Basic computer course

2. Web designing course - HTML5, CSS, WordPress, Drupal...

3. C C++ JAVA RDBMS training , Learn Android Application Development 

English Speaking Course

Lean and practice English Speaking , Interview practice

Management Courses

Marketing Management

Entrepreneurship Development -Business Ideas Generation till StartUp

HR - JD Creation, Recruitment, Retention

About Us 

We started our journey to the field of Education on 17th July 2016 with a team of 2 trainers. We believe in Education which makes people. 

Whenever a student is ready teacher appears:

We are always there to teach you , irrespective of the amount you pay .

What you need is readyness to learn !

We believe best things in life are for free . Let it be air we breath , water we drink or the love we receive !
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